Cloud Computing provides us a means by which we can access the applications as utilities, over the internet. It allows us to create, configure, and customize application online.

With Cloud Computing users can access database resources vis the internet from anywhere for as long as they need without worrying about any maintenance or management of actual resources.

Cloud Service Models

  • Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas).
  • Platform as a Service (Paas).
  • Software as a Service(Saas).
  • We specialize in Cloud Services such as AWS and Azure. We have vast experience in both the cloud architectures. We provide vast range of cloud services listed below….
  • Website hosting on cloud (both existing and new websites built from scratch).
  • Configuring Cloud Storage, Cloud Database.
  • Infrastructure Management services.
  • Collaboration services.
  • Cloud Computing Security.
  • Mobile Cloud Computing.

Advantages of moving to Cloud.

  • Lower Computer costs.
  • Improved performance.
  • Reduced software costs.
  • Instant software updates.
  • Unlimited storage capacity.
  • Increased data reliability.
  • Device Independence.
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