K3Tech Digital Solutions Data Management consultants help you to lower costs, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency through quality data management services. The success of businesses marketing and customer communication efforts or ability to deliver on data integrity will be dependent on the quality of their data.

Our Consultants help you bring together data from multiple locations, clean it, enhance it and unlock its true value. We offer packaged and complete end-to-end data solutions.

With many years of professional experience and the latest technology, we offer hassle-free, expert services for all your data needs from a Data Quality Audit to data quality services, from configuring a file for a mail house to complex statistical analysis or total management of your database.

Data services provided by K3Tech are:

Our Data Consultants will help you to build full data solution based on your requirements. Start with requirements gathering, design and implementation, data profiling, data cleansing and matching, enhancement, integration and database management. End with creating reports based on business requirement.

We help you to migrate data from legacy systems, Consolidate data from different business units to create a single customer view and migrating to the cloud.

Our Data Profile will help you a visual snap-shot of state of your data. Our Professionals help you to identify problems in the data that have to be fixed.

  • We identify column values that are not valid for each column in your data.
  • We report the percentage of null values in the column. Unexpectedly high ratio of null values.
  • We Report a string column data that are not valid. Also suggests regular expressions that can be used in the future to validate new values.
  • We Report statistics, such as minimum, maximum, average, and standard deviation for numeric columns, and dates that are not valid.
  • Reports all the distinct values in the selected columns and the percentage of rows in the table that each value represents. Identify incorrect number of distinct values in a column.

Having clean, accurate data is critical as it ensures information is consistent, standardised and uniform, in the right fields and uses only valid characters. We apply various cleansing mechanisms according to each business requirements, and can also help to determine business rules for maintaining data quality in the future.

We identify and correct most of the missing data in each record across the database or files. Our complete data cleansing and hygiene process improves the condition of business data in terms of Accuracy, Quality, Completeness, Errors and Inconsistencies, Maintain of a Single Customer View, Adherence to best market practice and compliance with privacy laws.

Duplication is a very common issue within all organisations that manage data sets and databases, regardless of their size or industry they are operating in.

  • We help you to eliminate duplicate data more effectively than just software alone. Our complete data deduplication process improves the condition of an organisations data in terms of Accuracy, Quality and Completeness
  • Our Data Matching help you to reduce errors, inconsistencies, and administrative errors.
  • Maintaining a single-customer view. Improving accuracy of segmentation and analysis. Reducing costs for system storage and bandwidth, and integration with tape archival systems. Improving data integrity.
  • Our Deduping help you to improve deliverability for both email and mail. Identify Name, Address, and Email and Phone Number duplications in your customer data. Eliminate duplicate Direct mails, emails and phone calls. Ensure correct marketing message is sent to each contact, reducing the chances of negative brand image caused by deduplication or incorrect communications.

Data consolidation is an important step in improving data quality, regardless of how the data will be used.

Our Data Experts help you to scoping out your organisations data requirements to developing business rules, we ensure that the final consolidated data meets all organisational requirements and business objectives.

We handle many different databases and formats, enabling us to output data in formats suitable for easy integration into existing systems.

We combine multiple database systems such as POS, Loyalty Systems, Legacy and Marketing databases.

Our complete SCV view of individual customers across all channels, we help better understand your customers. We will consolidate your channels, products and services data to provide the best possible Single Customer View.

Data enhancement takes place by validating your data against third party knowledge bases, in order to check, update and append information to your data.

Our data enhancement facilities are:

  • Append telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • Validate address and fix part of missing address data.
  • Append DPIDs based on address.
  • National Change of Address Service (NCOA).
  • Do-not-Call Register.
  • Based on the customer data identify demographics like age, income and homeownership.
  • Our Campaign management team can manage Rewards Program Data on behalf of your organisation.
  • We Monitor Data loads from different sources, Validate data based on business rules.
  • We Create Campaign segmentations, campaign pre analysis and Post analysis reports based on business requirements.
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