K3 Tech Digital Solutions EDI (electronic data interchange) experts will help you to exchange variety of transactions with your business partners with full order life cycle from POs and ASNs to invoices and payment instructions. We develop standardised applications to help business with their specific requirements. We support all the popular EDI standards including EDIFACT and ANSI X.12 and all the popular communication protocols such as web services and SFTP.

Our B2B technical experts provide all the EDI services like mapping, connectivity, testing, monitoring and support on your behalf. Out team support you to quickly build out your connectivity to your business partners.

All our applications and tools hosted in our cloud and there is no software to licence and no hardware required to buy.

EDI Services provided by us:

We offer and develop variety of EDI translation tools and software to convert data from your enterprise applications into your customer required formats like EDIFACT, CXML, Flat files and ANSI. Most of our translation tools supports Windows and UNIX environments.

Our EDI tools will give you access to all inbound and outbound documents and tracks which documents have been processed at any given time. It will allow you to administer and monitor all aspects of your EDI environment.

If you are tired of receiving purchase orders and invoices via fax and email from smaller suppliers and customers then our Web EDI service is a low cost and easy to use alternative portal for EDI. We developed specifically for small suppliers and customers. Our portal offers simple web forms where your suppliers and customers can view or create electronic purchase orders, shipping notices and invoices. Our EDI experts can create or modify forms to support any business processes.

If you are considering switching to a new EDI VAN service, we work with you to understand requirements and provide you with specific solutions. Our supported IP protocols include AS2, AS3, HTTP/S, FTP/SSL, SFTP and FTP over private IP.

We provide web-based administrative portal for you to perform Register online, track the status of EDI documents, analyse trends and obtain technical support. You can quickly identify which transactions were sent and received. We can setup alerts to notify you when something unexpected happens or something you expected not to happen.

If you are considering a service provider to run your EDI program for you, we work with you to support using our EDI infrastructure or your specific internal EDI infrastructure. We develop all your mappings, communicate your EDI partners or customers and support all technical issues.

We take responsibility for all the document mapping required with your EDI partners. Our mapping team has specialised in different industries. Once the mappings are complete we deploy them to run on our cloud based translation service or your infrastructure.

We integrate different ERP systems using web services or traditional FTP and SFTP. Our integration experts have extensive experience in mapping and document translations, Building translators based on business requirements. We helps you ensure the project remains on time and under budget.

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